Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Help may soon be at hand....

News from Britain suggests it may not be long before family historians receive financial and social assistance to help them kick their habit into touch.

The Guardian Unlimited site recently revealed plans by the UK government to issue vouchers to hardened heroin addicts, which they could use to purchase food and other essentials - provided they tested 'drug free' for a stipulated period.

GENanon can reveal that UK charity STOPYOURADDICTIONUK is already running a pilot programme aimed at genealogists, and the results have been surprisingly positive.

Colin Dawkins, Chief Executive of STOPYOURADDICTIONUK said: "Given that family history is known to be at least as addictive as most Class A drugs, we were heartened when over 6% of the pilot participants said they had 'seriously considered' not sending for a Birth Certificate for one of their ancestors, and our voucher scheme played a big part in that mind-shift."

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