Friday, 9 March 2007

Alas, dear Garrick...

I knew him well.

I only ever met Garrick Webster once. But he struck me as exactly the kind of guy you'd want to edit your favourite family history magazine.

Garrick has, apparently, been the editor of Your Family Tree magazine for four years. Since he first took over the helm, assembling beside him a team of staff who seemed genuinely interested in family history, the magazine has gone from strength to strength.

I haven't a clue where Garrick's moving onto. For all I know, he's using his 'transferable skills' to edit Cross-Stitch Monthly. But I doubt it. His evident love of family history leads me to think there'll still be a history theme to whatever magazine he goes on to edit.

Let's hope he brings the same skills and abilities that have made Your Family Tree the UK's favourite family history magazine to bear in his new job.

Good luck, Garrick! Now, that's the kind of name I'd love to name a theatre after!



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