Friday, 30 March 2007

Avert Financial Ruination

If you feel you must spend time tracing your genetical roots (and I would advise caution at every step), then help is at hand for those who have been brought to the brink of bankruptcy by their endless quest for certificates, census images and shipping logs.

I have, alas, seen many families ruined by this same, insistent desire; children going shoeless to school merely because their mother felt the need to have 'just one more death certificate'.

Someone calling themselves Clear Digital Media have highlighted all the information on that can be found free of charge.

I hesitate to encourage you - but if you are driven to spend your every free moment in the pursuit of dead relatives, you may well find some of them here.


M.E Ellis said...

Gawd, not sure I'd want to track a dead person myself.

Regarding the coffee I drink (on one of my blog comments). I don't! Once the muse strikes I type very fast to keep up with what's in my head.

I wrote three of my other books in 2 weeks each. This one seems to be flying onto the page much faster. Probably because I know the character inside out and I've had a year break between the two books.

I'm lucky to be able to write so fast and edit as I go along. And very grateful my muse came back as I had a good 4 months without her.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

Tracking dead people is the meat and drink of genealogists, I'm afraid.

Many family historians have been known to drink quite large amounts of coffee in an attempt to take advantage of one of the 'free, limited offers' often made available by the likes of I, myself, have been treated for caffeine overdose on many such occasions.

Hopefully, GENanon will provide succour and support to those who have done the same.

Kind Regards