Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Temptation Beyond Salvation

The vested interests behind the business of genealogy have a new recruit to their ranks - someone, I am afraid, who may serve to tempt more and more men into the one way street to personal ruination that is called 'family history'.

Not content with parading the silvered - if not exactly sylvan - voice of 'resident genealogist' Nick Barratt (a blatant attempt to woo yet more 'ladies' into pursuing their roots, in my opinion) BBC Radio 4 have now secured the services of the lovely Sally Magnusson, in an obvious ploy to win over the men folk.

Who could not be tempted by Sally's lilting, Scots tone (perceived to be the most trustworthy of all the UK accents, according to this report) into making that first, fatal step to uncover their dead kin-folk?

One day, the Government is going to wake up to the fact that its taxes, and that of the public service licence payer, are being used to peddle the genealogy drug. Let us hope, when they do so, that it is not too late.

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