Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Onerous Responsibility on My Shoulders

Although my personal quest to free myself from the shackles of genealogy was going reasonably well, I am afraid to report that the inevitable happened. I received an e-mail request from someone in the USA, asking me to help them untangle a few threads in their family history.

Much as I tried to resist, I found myself drawn once more to that portal of doom,

On another matter, I am starting to worry about my old friend Bill Blunt. Bill it was, some years ago, who I introduced to a wonderful genealogical resource called

Now, it seems, he's getting all hett up in a debate about website moderation. I know where he's coming from on this one. He has made many friends via that site, and I have personally heard him wax eloquently about it both in print and in other media. Wise counsels have promoted a debate about the issue of consistency in moderation here. I have hesitated to contribute to that discussion, as there are people more eloquent than I who have clearly thought about the matter, and it is encouraging to see it debated.


Victor, NW Kent said...

I agree with Bill, or I think I do, all things in moderation.

I still have not disclosed the identity of the person who blacked out the hall in Tidworth where Our Beloved Leader was due to mingle with the common folk and I am sworn to secrecy on this matter.

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

Thank you, victor - I shall ensure Bill sees your comments. He will be relived that you haven't chosen to reveal your information, I am sure!

Kind Regards