Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Three Days and Counting

It is now over three days (85 hours, to be exact) since I last logged onto Ancestry.co.uk This is, for me, a 'personal best' and should give heart to all those who claim it is impossible to turn your back on the 'hobby' of genealogy without becoming hopelessly ill or despairing.

I decided it was best not to go 'Cold Turkey', however, so had a ready supply of Your Family Tree magazines by my side.

The cravings to log onto Ancestry, to do 'just one more' census search were, at first, quite overwhelming. I found myself dreaming of mistranscriptions during my first night of freedom. But I am pleased to report that the cravings have lessened as time has worn on.

I will continue to report on my progress via this blog.

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